“This was spot on. It’s all about understanding why you started drugs in the first place. When it happens in your own life you don’t see it, but when you see it in the play it makes you realise – that’s me!” – inmate, HMP Styal, aged 36

“It’s shows that it’s so easy to get pulled back in and under. Thank you so much for coming in. I will remember this powerful play and use it as a tool.” –  inmate,

HMP Styal, aged 38

“I never thought about the problems of people I leave behind on the outside. I should. It was brilliant. So empowering.” – 39, Inmate HMP Preston

Keep an eye on future and current tours right here 

Touring Performances

ALL IN A live 30 minute theatre performance, followed by a facilitated workshop, All In charts the struggle of 28 year old Ryan – a working class carpet fitter who likes 'the odd flutter'. After his wife to be Stacey gives him some 'good news' why is Ryan panicked?...Is Ryan prepared for the responsibilities that go with having a baby on the way? What is he hiding from Stacey? Specifically designed for Male audiences, All In promotes engagement with support services, through exploring  issues surrounding addiction, responsibility, family and life skills, and relationships. 

On Man Up Inside...

“It made me feel reflective and thoughtful about my own personal lifestyle and got me thinking about how and what I need to do to turn my life around.” – 32, Inmate HMP Preston

“I am in a very similar situation. It’s made me think about where I am now, where I want to be and what I need to do to get there.” – 59, inmate

“I am working towards getting my home visits. It gave me an understanding of what to expect.... I usually do things without thinking so this makes me feel more prepared” – 31, inmate

 Man Up

“...original, realistic and emotive,  generating brilliant discussion and real reflection.” – Jennie Grocott, Interventions Manager, HMP Altcourse 


All In

​​​​Man Up Inside

On Revolving Door....

MAN UP follows the story of 24 year old Liam, a ‘normal’ scouse lad who’s the life and soul of the party. Loved by his mates, his mum and his girlfriend, on the surface of it Liam’s got it all... so why does he feel the way he does... and why can’t he tell anyone...

Specifically designed to discuss the stigma surrounding mental health issues in young men aged between 18-30 Man Up was written and developed with BBC radio 4 writer Joe W. Munrow

“It’s easy to sit on the outside looking in, but so much harder when you’re living it. I think this play will definitely help me to be stronger and see what’s actually going on. I will take so much from this. Thank you for sharing it with us” –  inmate, HMP Styal, aged 31

“It was so powerful. Excellent acting which made me feel it was real. It made me really emotional...thinking of home and how I affect them through my lack of responsibility. It brought a lot home. I really enjoyed it. Thank you.” – 35, Inmate HMP Forrest Bank 

On Release...

On Under the Influence...

No Place Productions is proud to say that aside from this years planned projects we will have more exciting and groundbreaking work coming throughout the year. 

"It highlights that if you bottle everything up then your relationships start to suffer" Inmate, 25, HMP Hindley.

“It made me think about my own situation. Co-dependant relationships between two addicts don’t work. It’s just one person who is sinking and doesn’t want to sink alone” – inmate, HMP Styal, aged 44

“I have been selfish and not thought of others, but it showed me that I can change if I want to.” – 35, Inmate HMP Preston

"It made me realise keeping things inside will really have an effect in the end" - Inmate, 28, HMP Thorn Cross

Man Up Inside depicts the story of Liam, a 34 year old inmate coming to the end of a long sentence. We see the struggles Liam deals with as he deals with he pressures of coming to the end of his sentence and the ways in which he deals with he stress.

MAN UP INSIDE is a live theatre performance followed by a facilitated discussion/workshop which focuses on the improvement of offender mental wellbeing, and stigma reduction surrounding mental health in men, in order to take full advantage of support services available to them whilst in prison. It also explores issues surrounding release anxiety and self medication (the use of spice etc).
The project is for general population prisoners, and was developed with BBC Writer Joe Ward Monroe, our Creative Team with the support of the HMPPS mental health team.

“I am on home leaves myself and sometimes it gets really stressful, but it’s good to see things from both sides. This play has helped me understand “ – 26, inmate

Release is an exciting project consisting of a live 50 minute theatre performance, followed by a facilitated workshop.  Following  the journey of 49 year old ‘Tony’ on his first home visit after serving 10 years in prison, Release explores the highs, the lows, and complexities of resettlement as Tony, his wife, daughter and son try to adjust to life after prison.  Specifically designed for long term offenders with less than 3 years of their sentence left to serve, Release addresses the issues that many leaving leaving can face and better prepare them.  

“I’m on home leaves at the minute. It’s scary sometimes, but I can see I just need to talk to my family more” – 44, inmate

“I am having a few problems with my daughter and family. I can see how hard it is for them now. I’ve never really thought about it like that before.” – 35, inmate

Under the Influence

A live 30 minute performance, followed by a facilitated workshop, Under the Influence follows the journey of 27 year old Natalie. Recently released after serving a 6 month sentence, we chart Natalie’s struggle to stay clean and regain custody of her two young children. But when ex-boyfriend Adam shows up, can Natalie stay focused? Or do old habits die hard?

​Specifically designed for female offenders, Under the Influence explores issues surrounding drug addiction, unhealthy relationships and Motherhood.

“I want to find the right things to do and say when I meet my relatives when I get out. I last saw them in 2000. It showed that it’s gonna be difficult for them too. We should just be honest about that and try and move on together” – 38, inmate

"Its massive, this play gives prisoners and people a chance to talk and not feel so alone" Inmate, 37, HMP Garth.

Revolving Door

A live 30 minute theatre performance, followed by a facilitated workshop, Revolving Door follows the journey of 24 year old Michael – a prolific offender. After being sentenced to yet another stint inside, Michael’s not phased... “I can do four months standing on me head!” But when on/off girlfriend, and mother to his young son, Katy gives him an ultimatum, can Michael break the cycle and make a change?

​Specifically designed for short term male offenders, Revolving Door promotes engagement with support services, through exploring issues surrounding alcohol misuse, responsibility, employability and life skills, and relationships.

"Taking part made me more confident when opening up to people" Inmate, 38, HMP Thorn Cross.

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