E’state of Affairs

A live 30 minute immersive theatre experience, performed and devised by Phoenix Futures. Wirral Residential residents as part of the No Place Productions ‘TOGETHER’ programme.

In the spring of 2016 NPP embarked on yet another exciting Together project at Phoenix Future's residential unit in Wirral, Merseyside.

Embarking on an 8 week Together programme; along with the help of NPP's experienced facilitators, the participants created a piece that took us on a journey of a family held together by a thread. As unwanted faces returned to open old wounds we charted the Journey of Laura and Jamie and their volatile relationship with a daughter at the centre.

8 weeks of hard work and dedication from participants and facilitators alike culminated in a day of performances to residents, staff an invited guess at the unit.

"I didn't think we could do it but... (NPP) kept pushing us on and telling us we could, and it turned out to be a great show. It's one of the best things I've ever done" Participant, 31.

"When we first started I only came for something to do but as the weeks went on I realised that I loved coming and wanted to create the best show we possibly could and we did that, thank you NPP" Participant, 51.

"I think that a lot of what we learned about ourselves and new skills we can use in our recovery. We overcame every obstacle we came across, and there was a few, to create a amazing show, and that's something we can all take into our recovery. We're going to hit bumps in the road but to reach the goal we've gotta keep going" Participant, 53 .

Led by NPP’s experienced practitioners, TOGETHER is NPP’s 8 week drama residency program which uses a series of drama techniques to encourage participants to explore difficult issues within a creative, safe and fun environment.

Using this as a stimulus, and through the support and guidance of the NPP team, participants work together as a group to develop, create and perform their very own live, unique, site specific theatre experience, culminating in a performance to their peers. 

For bookings or more information on NPP's TOGETHER project or any other enquiries, please email NPP using our CONTACT page.


​​NPPG - 'Rising Tides'

In late 2014 No Place Productions ran an unparalleled course of Together at HMP Garth with the participants writing their own script, Rising Tides and performing the piece on the wing to the rest of the community. The journeys taken by all involved were groundbreaking and all developed new skills, confidences and outlooks on their futures.

"...This play we wrote got me thinking of my daughter and it really hurts that I’m not there for her..." Together participant HMP Garth 

"These past 6 weeks have been the best 6 weeks of my prison life." Together participant HMP Garth

 "I've never every felt any kind of connection with any other visitor's, groups or activities put on for our lot, the way I have with you." Together participant HMP Garth

NPP Hindley- The Green Estate

For six weeks during 2015 NPP embarked on another Together project. Our 2014 'Rising Tides'  was so successful that we took on the first Together of 2015 with high hopes for all participants. As well as this being the first Together project ran at Hindley, although NPP are part of the furniture there, it is the first time. Together has had participants from 18-21. As anticipated the journey with the younger participants was a brand new experience and the obstacles that stood in the way of the theatre company of a different nature. All young offenders who took part developed from individuals to a strong unit supporting each other throughout the process. The togetherness of the group was never more apparent on the day of the performance when the whole company came together and we can honestly say that the support shown for one another was unparalleled.

"It was amazing to see how much the young adults involved grew in confidence throughout the experience and it is very rare to get such a high level of commitment from this age group but No Place Productions did not struggle to grip their attention. The final production was brilliant and the staff that watched it were very surprised by the quality of work that they produced. NPP have excellent skills and their vast experience of working with people in the criminal justice system really shone through." Kath Penny, Business and Community engagement officer.

"We learned not to judge people by what they look like and give them a chance" - Together participant HMP Hindley

"At the start we didn't think we could do it and we just came to get out of our cells... (NPP) made us believe in ourselves" Together participant HMP Hindley

"Today just proves that you can do anything when you set your mind to it and working with NPP has really helped you" Audience Member HMP Hindley 

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