Someday Soon - episode 2

BBC Radio Merseyside - Late Show with Jermaine Foster

Our Co-Director John Burns talks about Someday Soon live on BBC Radio Merseyside. 

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Someday Soon was a project specifically developed to reconnect through creativity those who have been most effected by the Covid 19 lockdown.

Someday Soon launched the week of 6th July 2020, and is a series of virtual creative writing workshops which will be broadcasting online in the community, and through prison radio all across the UK for anyone and everyone who wanted to take part in.

During these workshops NPP facilitators and listeners took part different creative exercises together, so collectively, listeners could come up with characters, storylines and dialogue. 

Listeners then sent their ideas to NPP that they create along this journey. 

Once all ideas were received, NPP took a little something from each contribution, bring everything together, to create a collective Radio Soap Drama. 

Recorded by professional actors this Radio Soap will be broadcast on Friday 28th of August.

This is a really different way of working for NPP, so throughout this project, practitioners and listeners took the journey together.

Funding through Arts Council England through their Covid Emergency Response Fund, Someday Soon was a really exciting way to bring people back together again as we began to come out of this really difficult time of separation.

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BBC Radio Merseyside - Sean Styles Show

Our Co-Director Rachel Worsley talks about Someday Soon live on BBC Radio Merseyside. 

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