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SCRIPT – Supporting Coproduction of Resources Participative Theatre


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Members of the SCRIPT partnership, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2019.

Beginning in November 2018, this Erasmus+KA2 project, lead by No Place Productions, will take place over 2 years in which 5 organisations over 4 European Countries, all leaders in their fields, will come together to coproduce a brand new, unique multimedia Drama informal learning program. SCRIPT will nurture and develop the learning and emotional needs of Europe’s most excluded young people. 

Innovatively designed for youth work practitioners specifically when engaging with socially excluded young people aged 18-25, SCRIPT will be transversal in its ability to work in a plethora of outreach settings, including but not limited to young offenders institutions, prisons, probation centres, youth and community centres. 

During the lifespan of this 2 year project, the 5 lead organisations in the UK, Romania, Greece & Spain will communicate with socially excluded young people, youth workers and stakeholders to collaboratively develop, test and imbed a set of mutually reinforcing coproduced informal learning resources, including –


- Youth workers

- Socially excluded young people aged 18-25

- Stakeholders

The SCRIPT Handbook – a program of interactive drama exercises and multimedia techniques, which will give socially excluded young people a platform to design, create, perform and produce their own Radio Play. 

ME – A self evaluation and skills validation toolkit for the young people who have taken part in the SCRIPT program 

EQUIP – An online training module for youth workers, to enrich their practice when delivering the SCRIPT Handbook, including ‘hints & tips’ & situational films - providing support and encouragement at every stage of implementation. 

JOURNEY – An impact assessment tool for the use of the youth work practitioners and organisations delivering the SCRIPT program which will allow analysis of the programme’s success.

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To find out more about this truly unique, innovative project or to find out how YOU can be part of this internationally ground-breaking approach to outreach youthwork please contact:

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